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Why be a franchisee?

Recent years we have worked on a very strong concept at Kicks ‘n Sticks. Since the startup of our business there has been strong growth and we are now active in sport clubs throughout the Netherlands.

The unique combination of software and services from Kicks ‘n Sticks makes it a concept that can be successfully rolled out in regions home and abroad.

As an entrepreneur at Kicks ‘n Sticks you benefit from a good coaching program of two years with professional support from internal and external specialists.

Do you want to realize your dream and start under good guidance as a franchise entrepreneur of Kicks ‘n Sticks?

Please do not hesitate and contact us.

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Kicks n Sticks focuses on development, fun, safety and quality. We are convinced of the value our concept adds and that’s why we’re looking for franchisees in other parts of the Netherlands and abroad who want to set up their own Kicks n Sticks. 

With our appealing, family-friendly franchise concept and our specialist coaching, you can count on a successful start.

The advantage is that you don’t need to do it on your own. You can rely on us, the team of founders, external specialists and other franchisees. You will also receive intensive supervision from this group of professional during your two-year start-up supervision programme.

We have worked out our concept right down to the smallest details and you benefit from that and all the lessons, games and sports tools you need; you use the IT system we designed as a pupil-monitoring system, which also contains modules for your accounts, schedules and wages to ensure a quick and professional start. Together, we reinforce each other.

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Our franchise concept is an excellent means of starting your own business safely. If you see yourself as the person we’re looking for, you can join in with very little risk.

Kicks n Sticks will provide professional supervision for your new business for two years. Together, we will draw up a business plan: a clear plan of action to ensure your Kicks n Sticks is a success. In addition, we’ll provide a full-service solution for those two years, so you can concentrate on getting the best start for your Kicks n Sticks.

Our full-service solution means that you can turn to our accountants for help with your books and that you can use our modules for your accounts, scheduling, marketing, benchmarking, community and best-practise sharing. Moreover, all our professionals are on hand to coach you, so that you learn, step by step, what the future has in store when you run a franchise.

The bank also provides professional financial supervision, which reduces your risks to a minimum.

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We believe in team work. That’s how it works in sports and games and it’s the foundation of our organisation. Together, we are stronger, and we can only continue if you, as a franchisee, also believe in this, so Kicks n Sticks’ success can keep on growing.

Top Quality People

Kicks n Sticks is looking for franchisees who, like us, want top quality. Who wants to set up training sessions that make children happy and will help them grow to be able to play their favourite sports at a higher level eventually, without any pressure to achieve.

Experience with coaching children

We think it is important that you have experience with coaching children. If you do, you will know how to teach them the elements of the sport and the games as well as being capable of implementing our views on teaching. Our lessons are perfectly suited to the age groups for which they are intended, and they are all based on educational theories.

Are you the right person?

Do you see yourself as having these traits?
– Enthusiasm
– Perseverance
– Good communications skills
– Enterprising
– Showing initiative
– Enjoying sports and exercise

Are you interested?

So, you’d like to know about all the options and you want to join our fantastic team? Sign up now! Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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