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Toddler-kids concept

Kicks n Sticks gives children aged between 2 and 6 the opportunity to get moving and join in the sports, under expert supervision, in a friendly group in a safe gym hall. The very young can bring Mummy or Daddy along to join in and from 4 and up, they can take part independently

At Kicks n Sticks, your child learns to move well by playing.

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Our classes are brimming with games and fun while at the same time, they are so well designed that your child learns the right technical skills and movements that will be useful later for sports like football and hockey. We teach the children the essential forms of movement. In addition, while playing, your child will learn to communicate more easily, learn to play and work with other children.

Our lesson programmes, which are brimming with fun, challenging exercises, are designed to match the stage of your child’s development and are enhanced with music and colourful, educational toys. The programmes teach your child to learn, by playing and without any pressure to achieve, to count, recognise colours and shapes, to play and work with other children as well as to move well.

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From the age of 6 and up, it’s easy to move on to Kicks (football) or Sticks (hockey) clubs, which are affiliated with Kicks n Sticks.

In addition, you can attend extra technical classes at Kicks n Sticks and come to our really cool hockey and football camps and clinics. Perhaps you’d like to know more about our extra technical classes, our camps or our clinics.

Whether your child wants to take up football, hockey or another sport later on, Kicks n Sticks puts him or her ahead of the game, because we work on all the essential forms of movement that are important to any sport.

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From experience, we know that children improve rapidly during our classes. As a parent, you’ll know how much fun it is to watch your child’s development.

You’ll notice it when you play with your child and you’ll see it during our classes. Moreover, every child receives a digital Kicks n Sticks passport that enables you to follow your child’s progress online.

We measure your child’s progress in the following categories:

– Cognitive skills

– Social-emotional development

– Motor skills

– Sport-specific skills

Perhaps you’d like to know more about our Kicks n Sticks software