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The concept of Kicks n Sticks was born a few years ago, when a group of dedicated club volunteers, competitive-minded sports enthusiasts, committed parents and experienced teachers got together.

Since then, this concept has evolved into an innovative full-service concept for clubs. Because we come from different fields of expertise and have ample experience of how clubs operate, Kicks n Sticks can offer support to clubs in many different ways. We can offer new options for sports facilities, for generating more revenue and for high-quality training methods and techniques.

For clubs, but especially with clubs too!

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Kicks n Sticks has a unique software solution that connects everyone involved in your club: members, coaches, the clubs itself, sponsors and parents!

The app is a unique “all-in-one” system containing plenty of sports-related facts, useful and practical information, games for improving technical skills, tactics and the rules of the club and the sport, photographs, videos and an online store.

Moreover, the app is a means of communication for everyone involved – a truly up-to-date teaching and communication tool.

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Running around, kicking a ball about, playing hockey, moving around, playing games – your child can’t sit still, loves sports and wants to learn, but he or she is still too young for most clubs. So, for children aged 2 and up, we have: Kicks n Sticks!

Kicks n Sticks gives children aged between 2 and 6 the opportunity to get moving and join in the sports, under expert supervision, in a friendly group in a safe gym hall. The very young can bring Mummy or Daddy along to join in and from 4 and up, they can take part independently.

At Kicks n Sticks, we teach your child through play and without any pressure to achieve, the basics of exercise and techniques that will be important in later life for his or her favourite sports and for the child’s overall development.

Our exercises are created to fit in with the aims of primary education: your child will also learn to count and recognise shapes, colours, etc.

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Kicks n Sticks hosts the most amazing football, hockey and cricket events in the Netherlands. Kicks n Sticks specialises in hockey, football and cricket camps for kids aged between 4 and 18.

Our coaches, supervisors and activities are coordinated in such a way the children are guaranteed a really wonderful time. Fun and learning are our top priorities!

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Kicks n Sticks holds camps in various regions throughout the Netherlands all year round. At the camps, we use the latest equipment and techniques in hockey and football. Learn all there is to know about hockey or football and join in our fun, cool activities.

We are also available for neighbourhood Clinics, for PE lessons or for sports days at schools or during school holidays.

Meet international stars, improve your technical skills and make new friends for life!

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Kicks n Sticks adds value to your region Kicks n Sticks gives children from 2 and up the opportunity to have fun and get moving.

We believe in teaching children to exercise from the earliest possible age and to help them stick at it.

By engaging good, enthusiastic coaches. Most towns and villages have very little to offer in the way of organised exercise and sports for toddlers and preschoolers.

Kicks n Sticks has the solution.

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